COVID-19 Update

As a result of the Covid-19 virus, many of us are experiencing greater degrees of stress, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and fear. Exercises and techniques drawn from Raja Yoga Psychology, Mindfulness Approaches, and a variety of Cognitive and Behavior Therapies, can be successfully used to help manage symptoms.

While I will continue to see a very small number of people in my office for neurofeedback, I am also offering tele-counseling through
For clients interested in the tele-sessions, my recommendation is they consider shorter more frequent sessions that may range from 2x times a week to daily support. The increase in “meeting” times is likely to facilitate quicker assimilation of the information, yielding to quicker results.

During this outbreak my fees will also be adjusted and will range from no fee to my full fee of 165.00. Client fees will be based on one’s individual circumstances.

Neurofeedback Training    Yoga Psychology

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies


Beverly Brashen, Ph.D. combines neurofeedback training, cognitive-behavioral therapies and yoga psychology to help individuals, couples and families achieve and maintain happier, more harmonious lives. Beverly’s work is wholistic in nature and is result oriented. She has maintained a successful private practice for over 28 years in the Seattle – Bellevue area. During this time, Beverly has worked with adults and children with a wide range of issues ranging from anxiety, depression, relationship issues, ADD/ADHD, sleep disturbances, chronic migraine and tension headaches, post traumatic stress disorder to stress related autoimmune disorders to peak performance for individuals in business, school, sports and the arts.

Treatment Plan:

An individualized treatment plan is designed for each person and may include some or all of the following:

  • Neurofeedback Training
  • Individual and/or Couples Counseling
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions
  • Yoga Psychology
  • Diet and Exercise
  • Problem Solving
  • Goal Setting

The length of treatment depends on the individual, the severity of the situation, and your personal goals. Sessions are one hour long and are conducted one to two times a week.

Specific Benefits To Be Expected From Your Sessions:

  • Resolution to given problems (i.e. implementation of goals, improved sleep etc.)
  • Increased mental agility, clarity, memory, focus, and objectivity.
  • Improved motivation and ability to implement ideas into successful action.
  • Heightened self confidence and acceptance.
  • Greater physical and emotional well- being.
  • Improved performance and ability to operate at your best under all circumstances.


I work on a sliding scale fee and my services are covered by some insurance companies. Coverage by insurance companies is based on your individual policy.

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