Research has shown being in nature has a myriad of physical and mental benefits

Physical Benefits

  • Exposure to sunlight helps the body produce Vitamin D, which is essential for strong bones.
  • Going outside has been shown to increase energy levels and exercise capacity, as well as decrease fatigue.
  • Nature can help you to improve your overall health by lowering blood pressure and reducing stress hormones.
  • Being in nature can provide an opportunity for social interaction and physical activity.

Emotional/Mental Benefits

  • Fresh air can help clear your mind and improve your focus.
  • Walking in nature can help reduce stress levels and anxiety.
  • Listening to natural sounds, such as waves crashing against the shore or leaves rustling in the wind, can be calming and relaxing.
  • It can also improve mood, increase feelings of well-being, and promote creativity and critical thinking.

The Human–Nature Relationship and Its Impact on Health: A Critical Review article  states that nature’s health benefits include improvements in neurological and circadian rhythms relating to exposures to natural sunlight, undergoing “Earthing” or physical contact with the Earth’s surface regulates diurnal body rhythms as well as walking activities in forest environments reducing blood pressure levels.