Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a broad term used for a number of different types of therapy, all aimed at helping individuals become aware of how their thoughts and beliefs directly affect their actions towards self and others. With an increased understanding of the relationship between thought, belief, emotion and action, it becomes easier to resolve problems or attain a goal.

Some Of The Cognitive-Behavioral Schools Of Thought Incorporated Into Therapy:

Systems Based Psychology: Helps an individual gain an understanding of the inter-relationship between oneself and their family, cultural background, society, and physical environment.

Humanistic Psychology: Helps one examine life by investigating their personal values, meaning, freedom, grief, guilt, tragedy, selflessness, forgiveness and self actualization.

Positive Psychology: Focuses on the cultivation of an attitude which enables one to live life fully.

Transpersonal Psychology: Explores the transcendental and spiritual aspects of the human condition.

Existential Therapy/Logotherapy: Helps one find inner freedom and meaning in life, despite external circumstances.

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